Lyrically, Relapse is definitely his best album.
And theres so much meaning behind this album cover:
This cover is a representation of Eminem’s struggle with addiction that almost killed him. In 2005 Eminem checked into rehab, marking the beginning of his 4 year hiatus from rap. Then, in 2009, Eminem returned with Relapse.
The album title itself had a double meaning, the obvious meaning was a reference to his addiction, the other was him calling this album a relapse to the days where Slim Shady was more prevalent.
Even more interesting than the title, was the cover.It featured Em’s face created by a mosaic of thousands of pills. In the bottom left corner there is a prescription box, which features several things:
At the top it has the album’s title, with the R being used as part of the prescription symbol (“Rx”), and Em’s signature backwards E (“∃”) at the end.
Underneath is Eminem’s given name (Mathers, Marshall), and hometown (8 Mile Road, Detroit MI).
The prescription tells the listener to take a tablet daily at 3am
The refill date was the album’s official release date (5-19-09)
The album was prescribed by Doctor Dre, and included 313 capsules.


I hope you never forget me.

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Don’t invite me to your wedding i will look better than you and it will be embarrassing for us both

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